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Here at Paul’s Drive-In we strive for the utmost delicious service in the business! We have been providing excellent service and Ice cream since 1956 and it doesn’t stop with just our restaurant. With our machine rentals, we deliver your desired machine, set it up, tear it down, and pick it up without any hassle on your part!

We have two different sizes of Ice cream machines:

Small - 110 volt electricity. These soft serve ice cream machines are great for small gatherings such as birthday parties and family reunions. This machine is best if used for events with a sporadic crowd. Note: These pull a heavy amount of electricity, so we highly recommend that the machine run on its own circuit, plugged directly into the wall. There must be updated electric with a 115 volt 20 amp breaker for the most efficient use. These machines are on wheels and are free-standing at approximately 18” wide, 30” long, 48” tall, weighing close to 300 lbs. Small machines are single flavor units only.

Big – 220 volt electricity. These soft serve ice cream machines are great for any party with a large crowd, such as graduation parties, company picnics, employee appreciation days, etc. These machines can handle a continuous crowd with ease. Note: 220 volt 30 amp minimum electricity is needed, such as a stove or dryer outlet. We do provide extension cords if needed. These machines are on wheels and are free-standing at approximately 24” wide, 36” long, 60” tall, weighing over 500 lbs. Big machines come in single flavor or double flavor units.

*Please note: The machines cannot be rolled over grass, thick gravel, or up and down stairs. Please notify us of any obstacles.*

Basic: Our basic rental package includes the machine of your choice, 2 bags of ice cream mix (approx. 150 servings), and all dishes and spoons needed for your event.                            

 (Big Single-Flavor Machine Pictured Above)                                                                           

Sundae: Our sundae package includes the machine of your choice, 2 bags of ice

cream mix (approx. 150 servings), toppings of hot fudge in a heated pump, strawberries,

and twinkles (peanut brittle crunch & sprinkle mix), as well as, all dishes and spoons needed for your event.

        (Big Single-Flavor Machine Pictured Above)




  • Soft Serve Ice Cream Flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate 
  • Additional Ice Cream Mix: 1 bag (2.5 Gallons) Vanilla or Chocolate mix (approximately 75 servings): $25.00


  • Sherbet Flavor Options: Blue Raspberry, Lime, Grape, Orange (Add $10.00 to price for Sherbet)


  • Additional Toppings Include:
Description Qty Unit Approx. Servings Price
 Hot Fudge 1 Can  150  $20.00 
Chocolate Syrup 1 Can 150 $20.00
Strawberries 1 Tub  150 $20.00 
Twinkles 1 Tub  150 $15.00 
Cones 1 Sleeve 20 $3.00


Frozen Drink Machines




Slush Machine – 110 volt electricity. These frozen drink machines are great for any occasion such as wedding receptions, birthday parties and many more. Slush machines are intended to be used without alcohol. These machines work best with a sporadic crowd.

Included in rental:

  • Slush mix (Two buckets = approx. 160 servings)
  • Slush flavors (Chose any four) - Blue raspberry, lime, grape, watermelon, lemon, orange, strawberry, cherry, and sour green apple. 
  • Cups (9oz)
  • Stir sticks


  • Slush mix (One bucket = approx. 80 servings): $20.00
  • Flavoring (Approx. 80 units) : $10.00 per flavor


Daiquiri and Margarita Machines - These machines are intended to be used with alcohol

Included in rental:

  • One base flavor unit (One base per bucket = approx. 80 servings)
  • Daiquiri flavors - Wild Raspberry, Strawberry, Piña Colada and Peach
  • Margarita Flavors - Lime, Wild Raspberry, Strawberry and Peach
  • Cups (9oz)
  • Stir sticks


  • Base Flavor (One base = approx. 80 servings): $25.00



*We do not provide alcohol for daiquiri or margarita machine rentals.*




       Rental Prices vary upon distance of the event and number of guests being served

                Ice Cream Machine Rental Estimated Price Chart

Areas Basic Sundae
Local  $200 $250
Area 1 $225 $275
Area 2 $240 $290
Area 3 $275 $325
Area 4 $325 $375
Area 5 $400 $450

*These are estimated prices based on 150 servings and are subject to change*


                 Frozen Drink Machine Rental Estimated Price Chart






Area definition: Please use this chart as a reference for a price estimate.
Local: Shelby
Area 1: Mansfield, Willard, Crestline, Galion
Area 2: Ashland, Bucyrus, Lexington 
Area 3: Upper Sandusky, Norwalk, Mount Gilead, Bellville
Area 4: Mount Vernon, Marion, Bellevue, Tiffin, Wooster
Area 5: Cleveland, Columbus, Lima, Akron/Canton, Findlay (LIMITED AVAILABILITY AREA)




Further than 80 miles from our location in Shelby, Ohio.


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*(All weekend dates (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays) for the month of July 2020 are all unavailable due to a full reservation schedule)* 


Security Deposit Disclaimer:

Security deposits are required to officially hold a reservation for a certain date and time. All inquiries into rental reservations for our machines are not finalized and guaranteed without a security deposit payment. Cancellations of reservations no later than 28 days prior to the scheduled reservation date will be refunded. Any cancellation, for any reason, within 28 days of the scheduled reservation date will not be refunded. Security deposit payments are considered partial payment towards the final total invoice. All remaining balances must be paid-in-full on or before delivery of service. In the case of force majeure, security deposits will not be refunded.



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